Presenting: Zamar

- Fine Jazz and Contemporary Instrumental Music for Any Occasion -

Excerpts included in this Sampler: 1. Meditation (written and performed by Greg Clinton) 2. Spiderman Theme (performed by Zamar) 3. Sea of Dreams (written by Patrick Strawser and performed by Zamar) 4. Autumn Part II (written and performed by Patrick Strawser) 5. How Insensitive (written by Jobim and performed by Zamar) 6. City Nights (written and performed by Greg Clinton) 7. Waltz for Tonya (written and performed by Patrick Strawser) 8. Wave (written by Jobim and performed by Zamar) 9. Meditation (written and performed by Greg Clinton)

The name "Zamar" is derived from an ancient Hebrew expression that refers to praise lifted up to God through musical instruments.

For more information please call Greg Clinton at (770) 307-1412 or

Patrick Strawser (706) 353-0702.

Thank you!

Copyright 2002 by Patrick Strawser, Greg Clinton, Chris Hood and Art Grider


Sampler Script:

Welcome to the Musical World of "Zamar".

The music of Zamar is often playful and energetic, sometimes profound, sometimes simply beautiful.

The melodies of Zamar sometimes delight the listener with a well-known tune,

sometimes carry the listener away with something new and intriguing.

The musicians of Zamar are seasoned performers who add their arranging and compositional talent to the musical recipe for the day.

The magic of Zamar happens when your guests "catch the Spirit " of accomplished musicians taking absolute delight in the togetherness of great instrumental music, whether jazz and contemporary standards or creative, crowd-pleasing original pieces.

Zamar features Athens area recording artist Patrick Strawser on piano and vintage keyboards, in a musical collaboration with guitarist and flutist Greg Clinton, saxophonist Art Grider, and drummer Chris Hood, with upright and electric bass added by Benji Barton.

While Zamar has a lot to offer in the way of original music, the band can tailor its setlist to suit the musical needs of almost any setting, including weddings, banquets, receptions, restaurant settings, and private parties, as well as the concert hall.

Let Zamar be the added personal touch that your guests are looking for. For booking arrangements please call Greg Clinton at (770) 307-1412 [or Patrick Strawser at (706) 353-0702].