The 2000-2001 Teacher's Workshop Series

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Discipline for Difficult Students

October 5, 2000 & November 5, 2000

Only $649 for these 2 workshops!

(All telecasts air from 4:00 to 6:00 PM Eastern Time.)

This telecourse series will explore specific strategies for dealing with the most difficult students in today's classrooms. With a concentration on practical, workable techniques, this series is a must for every teacher. Dr. Rick Curwin, the author of Discipline with Dignity, will present strategies and tactics for defusing disciplinary problems. Also, Dr. Michael Rosenberg of Johns Hopkins University will share his PAR Classroom Model for dealing with conduct disorder students. Teachers are encouraged to interact with Dr. Curwin, Dr. Rosenberg, and other presenters both during the telecast (via an 800 number) and for two months of follow-up via the internet. Internet access video examples from classrooms will demonstrate use of the techniques described.

Brain-Compatible Learning in the Next Century

March 15 2001, & April 19, 2001

Only $649 for these 2 workshops!

The emerging research on brain-compatible teaching techniques is revolutionizing classroom instruction, and this series presents two national leaders in this field. Marny Sorgen will provide practical insights to participants on each telecast in the series. Carolyn Chapman, author of If the Shoe Fits: Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, and a number of other strategy books for teachers, is also one of the most recognized presenters in this area nationally. Carolyn will present her specific brain-friendly techniques. David Butler, an elementary school principal in Carrollton, Georgia, will describe a schoolwide brain-friendly learning environment implemented at his school. Video examples will complement the many strategies described.

Only $1195 for all 4 workshops!

*Biggest Names In The Field! *Online Follow-up With Speakers! *Graduate Credit Available! (call for details) * Video Examples From Actual Classrooms! * All You Need Is a KU-Band or C-Band Satellite Dish *All Telecasts 4-6 PM Eastern

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