The 21st Century Classroom Evaluation

A Teleconference Inservice For Teachers from

The Teacher's Workshop

This telecast series aired during October 1995 and was downlinked in 37 states with an estimated 6683 participants.

Site Facilitator's Evaluation

This evaluation was conducted by telephone during and after the 21st Century Classroom: Technology for Every Teacher inservice telecast. Thirty one site facilitators were available to respond, and every evaluation indicator was calculated into these figures.

(1) How did the telecast go?

Positive responses: 30 Negative responses: None

(2) How many participants did you have? Average 19.6

(3) On a scale of one to five, with five as the highest, how would you rate the overall quality of this inservice? Average 4.42

(4) How would you rate the quality of our curriculum materials? Average 4.71

(5) How useful were the video shots of strategy application? Average 4.62

(6) How would you rate the service and helpfulness of our staff? Average 5

Audience Participants Evaluation

The following evaluation questions were included in the curriculum packet, and were thus answered by audience members rather than site facilitators. Each question was answered on a scale ranging from 1 (disagree) to 5 (agree). Averages for 487 teachers and other audience participants from 29 different sites were tallied, which included every response we received. As these indicators suggest, teachers and other educators were very satisfied with this inservice.

(1) I think the video segments were useful. 4.11

(2) I would like more practical strategies. 4.18

(3) The handouts will help in my class. 3.48

(4) This was an effective inservice overall. 3.98

Evaluations of Past Conferences
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