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Technology for Every Teacher

October 10, 1996: The Technology Possibilities

Hedrick W. Ellis - A former teacher, now serving as an educational consultant with Tom Snyder Productions--a computer software company. He is known for effective, practical strategies on use of technology in districts of limited means.

Diane Burnside - a teacher from East Dale Elementary School in Fairmont, WV, who has implemented multimedia instruction in several areas of the curriculum. This session will focus on practical steps for teacher to take, as they move into technology.

October 24, 1996: Teachers Moving Into Technology

Ms. Toody Byrd - a former teacher, and nationally known speaker who is now serving as an educational consultant and lecturer. She will deal, in a humorous fashion, with the implications of new technologies for teaching.

Dr. Jim Sanders - a Professor at Hampton university, in Hampton VA will be featured in his classroom with students discussing the role of higher education in preparation of teachers for the use of the newly developing technologies.

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