The Disciplined, Drug Free, and Violence Free Schools Series

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All telecasts air from 4:00 to 6:00 PM Eastern

November 12, 1998 - Disciplined, Drug-Free Schools

Ms. Marilyn McGuire Mr. Richard Nyankori

This two-hour inservice teleconference will feature Ms. Marilyn McGuire, a former school principal and author of the Gangs and Violence video series. Numerous classroom based video examples will highlight the strategies developed by Ms. McGuire, including working with gang leaders, providing interpersonal connections for all students, setting clear limits for acceptable behaviors, and tips for building teacher-student rapport. Also, Mr. Richard Nyankori, an African-American with rich experience in dealing with problem kids from inner city Baltimore, will focus on practical disciplinary strategies for inner city classrooms. The curriculum materials accompanying the telecasts provide additional detail on strategy implementation. Participants may also interact with speakers on-line for in-depth follow-up.

December 3, 1998 - Discipline for Hard-Core Students

Dr. Linda Albert

The Cooperative Discipline model will be described by the author, Dr. Linda Albert, using numerous classroom video examples. Topics will include graceful exits, specific response strategies for teachers dealing with volatile behaviors, and helping students to feel capable, connected, and contributing as a preventive strategy for the school environment. Also, a focus on drug prevention programs that work and don't work will be included, as will suggestions for managing a hostage or weapons incident in your classroom. Teachers simply must have this information!

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