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Asheville, North Carolina

August 6-8, 1997

1/2 Day Workshops with the Best Presenters in Education!

Angry & Resistant Students:

Fostering Motivation & Self-Esteem

Dr. Robert Brooks - Psychologist, Author, and Consultant

In this workshop, Dr Brooks will discuss the struggles involved in teaching students who are angry and resistant. He will discuss the importance of empathy in understanding the world of these students, and the significant role that low self-esteem plays in angry and resistant behaviors. He will provide a framework for understanding the components of self-esteem and motivation and the factors that help students to overcome difficulty and become resilient.

Reaching & Teaching Students with AD/HD

Ms. Sandy Rief - Teacher and Author

Ms. Rief is a practicing classroom teacher as well as an author of numerous books and videotapes on instructional strategies for students with AD/HD. She is widely regarded as one of the most effective workshop presenters on this topic in the nation. Her workshop will focus on behavioral strategies that work in her classroom for students with various disabilities. She will include building organizational and study skills, with emaphsis on multiple intelligences and on organizaing the environment for effective instruction. She will also present a video example to demonstrate effective classroom practices.

Teaching to Multiple Intelligences

Mr. Bruce Campbell - Author and Teacher

In his hands-on workshops, Bruce presents an overview of Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. He shows its implications for education, related instructional strategies, curricular models and assessment tools. Sample Multiple Intelligences lessons are demonstrated and MI classroom models described. Teachers leave his workshops with a variety of Multiple Intelligences planning, teaching, and assessing techniques to implement immediately.

PeaceBuilders: Violence Prevention for Your Classroom

Dr. Dennis Embry - Author and Educator

PeaceBuilders is a proactive prevention program that eliminates many of the common "triggers" for violence. Dr. Embry will introduce you to techniques that are recommended by PeaceBuilders and that can easily cut aggression on the playgroud and the classroom in half. These techniques will help both children and staff to be more confident participating in any conflict mediation.

Adolescents with ADHD: Structuring the Classroom for Success

Dr. William N. Bender - Educational Consultant and Author

Dr. Bender's experience in teaching junior high school and his recent publications in ADHD, learning disabilities, and instructional methods make him a highly sought after workshop presenter. The focus for this session will be strategies for secondary classrooms to enable students with learning problems to achieve success. Specific strategies to be covered include classroom structuring techniques, self-monitoring, and peer support strategies. Detailed instructions for application of these strategies in your classroom will be provided.

Meeting the Challenge of Students-At-Risk

Mr. Richard Ramsey - Educator and Administrator

The goal and objective of this session will be to bring awareness and hope to other educators regarding the national crisis as it relates to our at-risk population in public schools, with an emphasis on the male student. The session will offer proven solutions that will produce positive changes not only in e students, but in the school, the teachers, and the community. Mr. Ramsey will also highlight how suspensions were reduced 90%, seven gangs were terminated, and the honor roll increased by over 200% in three years in a troubled middle school. This session will also bring enthusiasm, hope, and joy to each educator.

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The conference will take place at the Radisson Hotel in Asheville, NC, right in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The beautiful Biltmore house, as well as the Blue Ridge Parkway, numerous restaurants, downtown shopping, and 12 golf courses are within 15 miles of this location. Air-travel connections are available through the Asheville airport.

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