Grantwriting: Finding Funds for the Classroom

Date: December 4, 1997

The Grantwriting ProcessComponents of a GrantFinding Non-Grant Funds

Ms. Sheila Perry, Teacher

Ms. Daphene Paxton, Teacher/Administrator

Dr. William N. Bender, Professor

This two-hour inservice teleconference will feature several presentations plus school-based video segments that focus on writing successful grant proposals to fund needed resources for the classroom. Topics will include tips and stories from experience on how to approach specific sections of the typical grant proposal, as well as video examples of projects that have been funded by locally written grants. A special section will also be included on non-grant fundraising for the classroom. Speakers include Ms. Sheila Perry, a teacher/administrator in a K-12 school and a successful author of several technology grants, Ms. Daphene Paxton, a teacher/administrator in a progressive alternative school program, and Dr. William Bender, associate professor in the University of Georgia's College of Education and co-author of grants for ADDNET and the Interactive Teaching Network. Participants will be provided with a set of curriculum materials to accompany the telecast. They will also be invited to call in their questions live to telecast speakers, as well as post comments and survey responses via e-mail (on the Teacher's Workshop ListServ) before and after the telecast.