Discipline Survey - Fall 1997

Please let us hear from you about your approach to classroom discipline!Results compiled from this brief survey will be reported during the Teacher'sWorkshop Discipline Series, a satellite telecourse series airingNovember 6 & 20, 1997. Responding is easy! Just click on the circlebeside your response to each question. When you are done, click on SUBMIT.

1. Perhaps the most important ingredient in my approach to classroomdiscipline is:

AssertiveUse of consequences Positive Reinforcement Personal Rapport with Students A Busy Learning Schedule

2. I receive adequate support from the parents of approximately:

0-25% ofmy students 25-50% of my students 50-75% of my students 75-100% of my students

3. I receive adequate support from school administrators:

Always Most of the Time Some of the Time Rarely