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Teaching on the Net: Opening Up the

World to Your Students

Date: March 19, 1998

Internet Lesson PlanningSheila Perry, Teacher/Administrator/Technology Coordinator

Internet Projects Across the CurriculumScott Noon, Consultant ("Classroom Connect")

This two-hour inservice teleconference will feature several presentations plus classroom video segments that focus on integration of Internet-based instruction into the day-to-day classroom curriculum. Topics will include finding the best resources on the WorldWide Web for subject area content, conducting Internet-based projects, useful software tools, development of a school Internet policy, and both finding and sharing of lesson plans online. Speakers include Mr. Scott Noon, a consultant with Classroom Connect, and Ms. Sheila Perry, a teacher-administrator who has used grant funds to establish a sophisticated technology center in her rural school and has developed extensive internet-based curriculum for her students. Participants will be provided with a set of curriculum materials to accompany the telecast. They will also be invited to call in their questions live to telecast speakers, as well as post comments and queries to speakers online after the telecast.