How Can I Access the Telecasts?

When a sponsoring agency purchases a teleconference downlink, Teacher's Workshop provides satellite coordinates, a step-by-step site facilitator's guide, curriculum materials for participants, and a convenient vinyl holder for locally taped video copies (TAPING RIGHTS are included with each telecast.) A standard motorized satellite dish, with a C-Band analog receiver, is all that is necessary for receiving these telecasts. While digital equipment is not required, locations with digital receivers should also be able to receive this analog programming without trouble, provided that the satellite dish is motorized ("steerable"). KU-Band analog receivers, also, can often pick up C-Band programming as well.

As an alternative, if you have no satellite dish, you may purchase the videotapes of this telecast series at the same price and use the Teacher's Workshop ListServ as the vehicle for interaction with speakers.

To order, send a copy of your purchase order for the correct amount to Teacher's Workshop, fax: 706-769-4137 or 1250 Overlook Ridge, Bishop, GA 30621. If you would like more information, please call our 800 number or e-mail us using the link below.

$595 for each 2-Telecast Series


Payment due on date of first telecast.


What Funding Sources Can I Use to Pay for the Telecasts?

Staff Development Funds

Technology/Distance LearningFunds

Discretionary Funds

PTA/PTO Involvement

Title I Funds

Eisenhower Funds

State Funds

Can I Recover the Cost?

Once your school purchases a downlink, you may provide this to as many teachers, parents, or students as your facility allows. Also, Teacher's Workshop offers reduced rates for multiple downlink purchases. You may wish to recover the cost by charging a fee to the participants. Several schools may combine resources and purchase the series, or request a purchase by the local PTA/PTO. If your agency administers staff development credit, you may incorporate this series into your own in-service activities as a cost recovery mechanism. Our staff can suggest other strategies that are right for your school.

Who Are Our Speakers?

Our speakers are among the most knowledgeable speakers in the nation on these topics, and we make these acclaimed speakers available to teachers in your school via telesatellite communications. Each teleconference workshop is presented in a two-hour interactive broadcast format from 4:00 to 6:00 PM Eastern Time. During these interactive workshops, teachers can call in their questions via our 1-800 phone lines and speak directly with nationally recognized experts. Also, our speakers participate in the Teacher's Workshop ListServ after each telecast, providing an additional interactive option for participants.