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Performance Assessment and Standards

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Basics of Performance Assessment November 4, 1999

Steve Barkley, "Live Event Learning"

Helen Burz,"Lingering Over Learning"

This two-hour inservice teleconference will feature Steve Barkley, a dynamic and motivational speaker, author, and the Executive Vice President of Performance Learning Systems. A former elementary school teacher, Steve has served for the past 20 years as a consultant to school districts, teacher organizations, state departments of education and colleges throughout the United States and Canada. A knowledgeable and experienced staff developer in the assessment field, he will present authentic assessment and performance assessment strategies and will describe a special application of authentic assessment called "Live Event Learning." Author Helen Burz will also be featured presenting a special focus on learner-centered assessment. The teleconference will include video examples that highlight the strategies discussed. Curriculum materials accompanying the telecast will provide additional detail on strategy implementation. Additionally, participants may interact with speakers, both on the air and also online for more in-depth follow-up.

Performance Assessment and Standards December 2, 1999

Jay McTighe, "Parameters of Performance Assessment"

Steve Shekell & Alice Mosquera "Alternative Assessment in Action"

Jay McTighe, the Director of the Maryland Assessment Consortium, is among the most widely respected names in assessment today. He has traveled extensively around North America helping school districts and educational agencies grapple with the tough issues of assessment such as student performance, authentic scoring methods, testing, and responding to state and national standards. His presentation on the parameters of performance assessment will help participants review their own assessment practices and take another look at how best to accomplish their intended goal in assessing students. Specific approaches to various instructional situations will be discussed. Also, Steve Shekell and Alice Mosquera of Performance Learning Systems will walk participants through a tour of specific authentic assessment techniques. An on-the-air question and answer session will be featured, as well as online interactivity through the Teacher's Workshop Listserv.

The Brain in Your Classroom

Only $595 for these 2 workshops!

 The Brain-Based Classroom March 16, 2000

Dr. David Sousa, "What Teachers Should Know!"

Carolyn Chapman,"If the Shoe Fits"

Dr. David Sousa, one of the leading researchers in brain-based learning and author of How the Brain Learns, will focus on the emerging brain research and practical implications of that research for the classroom. Dr. Sousa presents a compelling, spellbinding description of the workings of the brain and the inner dynamics of the learning process that teachers and educational professionals will not want to miss. This two-hour inservice will include a brief look at the current model of the learning process and highlights of a number of things teachers can do to actually accommodate the needs of the brain in their classroom. Also featured will be popular spaeker and author Carolyn Chapman, best known for her creative application of multiple intelligences called "If the Shoe Fits". Video examples will be included to demonstrate the strategies described. Extensive curriculum materials accompany the telecast, and participants may also interact with speakers on the air and online.


Brain-Based Instruction April 13, 2000

Dr. Robert Sylwester, "Our Brain and Our Schools"

Richard Nyankori, "Brain-Based Learning and Classroom Management"

The final teleconference in this year's series features Dr. Robert Sylwester, Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Oregon and author of numerous publications including his most recent books, A Celebration of Neurons: An Educator's Guide to the Human Brain, and Student Brains, School Issues. Dr. Sylwester will focus on the purpose and development of the human brain and on its principal action systems. He will also explore educational applications and misapplications of recent brain research. Also featured will be Richard Nyankori of Performance Learning Systems presenting specific applications of brain-based learning. Video examples will be featured. Curriculum materials accompany the telecast, and participants are invited to call in their questions live to telecast speakers, as well as post comments and survey responses online.

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