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Speakers that we recommend for the reading, Literacy, Math Workshop include: Gayle Gregory Rita King Sandra Worsham William Bender Karen Kemp

Books We Recommend for the Reading, Literacy and Math Workshop

DIFFERENTIATING LITERACY STRATEGIES K-6 & 7-12 by Gayle Gregory and L. Kuzmich Use high pay-off instructional strategies to accelerate literacy learning in the differentiated classroom!

From best-selling authors Gayle Gregory and Lin Kuzmich comes a versatile handbook for middle school and high school educators who need to differentiate literacy instruction for adolescent and teen learners at different stages of development along the literacy continuum.

Covering the relevant brain research and specific instructional and assessment strategies for teens, this book pays special attention to hooks that appeal to older learners with varying degrees of skills and competencies.

Containing more than 100 planning models, checklists, rubrics, choice boards, lesson plans, and more, this book will aid teachers in:

* Pre-assessing adolescent and teen learners for literacy skills and competencies * Selecting and differentiating an array of instructional strategies appropriate for specific learner needs * Using literacy models that can accelerate learning to help diverse learners grow as fast and as far as they can in literacy

Written for classroom teachers, reading specialists, curriculum developers, and instructional leaders, this one-stop source provides an expert guide to working with all of today's adolescent and teen learners, whether struggling, gifted, emerging, developing, or dealing with learning disabilities.

Highly recommended!

PRICE: $33.95 U.S.

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Research on the value of brain-compatible teaching is combined with teacher-generated tips, including creative ways to get students visualizing, vocalizing, and moving during math-to make instruction more meaningful, motivational, and successful.

DIFFERENTIATING IN MATH Strategies That Work for K-8 Classrooms! (Paperback) by Dr. William Bender

Leverage each students unique abilities with this comprehensive guide to differentiating math instruction. The latest studies and classroom-tested best practices have been mined and are now presented in an easy-access, time-saving format that spans lesson planning through implementation.

Teachers continue to struggle with the reality that math performance varies widely from student to student, and the tactics that seem to work with one group may not fit with another. Now in one practical guide, teachers have a wealth of critical strategies at their fingertips that will help them differentiate instruction to raise student achievement in their classrooms.

New and seasoned educators alike will be quick to put the following key features to use in their classrooms:

* "Ideas From Teachers" sections that highlight actual examples of the differentiation process in action * At-a-glance lists of "Top Ten Tactics" for successful implementation in K-8 classrooms * "Web Site Reviews" that outline additional online resources for effective mathematics instruction * Concrete strategies to tap multiple intelligences

About the Author William N. Bender began his career by teaching eighth and ninth grade students in the public schools. Since he has been in higher education, he has published over 60 research articles and eleven books in special education and education. He specializes in instructional strategies and disciplinary strategies for all studentsparticularly students with disabilities such as learning disabilitiesemotional disturbance, and attention disorders in the general education classroom. Bender is recognized as a national leader on instructional tactics, as well as in distance education. His combination of practical strategies and easy humor leads to a demand for numerous workshops each year on various topics in education. He earned his PhD from the University of North Carolina in 1983.

PRICE: $61.60 U.S.

Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Writing in the Content Areas by Carolyn Chapman and Rita King

This concise guide helps you work with each student’s unique skills and needs so that the student learns to apply information, to demonstrate content mastery, to think and write creatively and critically, and to solve real-world problems. Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Writing in the Content Areas helps you develop students with lifelong self-direction and confidence as writers!

Detailed chapters give you the tools you need to work with student writers of all levels.

PRICE: $21.95 U.S.

Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Reading in the Content Areas: One Size Doesn't Fit All by Carolyn Chapman and Rita King

Differentiated Instruction for Reading

Chapman and King have done it again! This straightforward, easy-to-use handbook gives teachers creative yet substantial ideas and methods for infusing phonics, word analysis, vocabulary development, and comprehension strategies into subject-area instruction. As in the original Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Writing in the Content Areas, Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Reading in the Content Areas uses the same eclectic blend of differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, scaffolding, constructivism, and co-op learning methods and activities.

Each chapter includes samples, suggestions, and lists that you can quickly apply to your own classroom.

PRICE: $21.95 U.S.

Essential Ingredients: Recipes for Teaching Writing by Sandra Worsham

Get to the heart of why students are often reluctant writers, and learn how you can motivate and inspire them to write with meaning and clarity.

Explore the differences between "school" writing and "real" writing and learn to make both forms work for K-12 students. The author, a 30-year teacher of gifted and at-risk students, includes many of her mother's recipes and childhood stories in this volume filled with proven teaching tips, activities, and exercises to get students hooked on writing. Lots of student samples and teacher-tested lesson plans.

PRICE: $23.95 U.S.