Dr. Linda Albert

Speaking/Consultation Areas: Cooperative discipline at home and school, at-risk students, motivating under-achievers, home/school collaboration, parenting, and self-esteem (International Bookings Only)


More About Cooperative Discipline

Presentation Style: Moving and humorous stories frompersonal experience woven with dozens of practical, easy-to-use strategiesthat she demonstrates in an interactive and experiential manner.

Students, unfortunately, do not come with an owner's manual for teachersand parents, but it they did, if probably would have been written by Dr.Linda Albert.

Dr. Albert, a nationally syndicated columnist, author, public speaker,former classroom teacher, and college professor, has been advising teachersand parents for more than 25 years. She has addressed such challenges ascoping with disruptive and inappropriate behavior, reducing violence, overcomingacademic and developmental difficulties, drop-out prevention, reducing substanceabuse, and improving self-esteem.

A mother of three grown children and a veteran of fifteen years in theclassroom, Dr. Albert knows from experience what teachers and parents meanwhen they say it is difficult to teach and raise kids today. Dr. Albertpursued the answers to her own teaching and parenting questions in an impressiveacademic career that culminated in a master's degree in education and adoctorate in psychology. She began sharing her skills with other teachersand parents as a school counselor and professor of education-then utilizedher talents as a lively speaker and writer to reach a wider audience withher message.

For twelve years Dr. Albert authored a weekly newspaper column, ChangingFamilies, syndicated by Gannett News Service. She also wrotea monthly column for both Working Mother and Family magazines.She has authored numerous books, which include Cooperative DisciplineImplementation Guide, and Coping with Kids in School justto name a few. She has also produced three video-training programs for teachers.Dr. Albert's specific, action-oriented approach for dealing with all child-relatedissues--from ending power struggles to how to get children to do their choresat home--has made her a popular interview subject on television shows suchas "Today," "CNN Cable News," and others. In additionto working with schools in the United States, Dr. Albert has traveled tosuch countries as Israel, England, Russia, and many more to train teachers,administrators and staff developers in Cooperative Discipline.

Dr. Albert's engaging style and lively, witty presentations make herpersonal appearances, workshops, and seminars popular with parents, teachers,and professionals who work with youngsters and their families.