Speaking/Consultation Areas: ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Relational Discipline, Technology In the Classroom, Distance Education Strategic Planning, Reducing School Violence, Inclusion

Presentation Style: Down-to-earth humor, personal anecdotes, and specific practical, classroom-oriented strategies


Workshop Evaluation:

Title of Session: Differentiated Instruction
Date: March 10, 2006
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Presenter: Dr. William Bender

Northern Ohio Special Education Regional Resource Center (SERRC)

Evaluation Questions

Average Score from 1-5
The overall quality of the session 4.7
The overall usefulness of the session 4.6
My understanding of this topic before attending the session 3.4
My understanding of this topic after attending the session 4.4
I will share the information from this session with others 4.7
The purpose and goals of this session were clear 4.6
The goals for this session were met 4.6
My expectations of this session were met 4.5
The scheduling of this session coincided with my need to know the information presented 4.5

As a result of this session, I will be able to ...... :

Teach. Pass ideas on to teachers. Scaffold/differentiate instruction. Incorporate more differentiated instruction in inclusion classroom. Share more information with the teachers I work with. Hopefully integrate some differentiation in my classrooms. Make my lessons more active. Over some suggestions as how to differentiate lessons. Peak for fun (learning)! Discuss the need for DI and support more staff development for it. Incorporate greater student interaction in learning. Utilize some of the ideas in my instruction. Better utilize "Differentiated Instruction". Implement differentiated instruction in various classrooms. Have a better approach to teach the students that I work with. Share some of these ideas at our P.D's. Share w/teachers about movement incorporated daily.

Other Comments:

I have already related to our curriculum director that this training should be brought to our entire district. Wonderful! Needs to be shared w/ (presented to) school districts - entire teams. Thanks for sharing such great ideas! Morning was very informative. Amount of time on afternoon activities was too long. Really wanted more information on differentiated instruction within a classroom. Be flexible with your ten day plan. Shorter session. Thank-you! Great, informative, and motivating. Offer lunch in and release earlier. 1/2 hour limit. How about programs surrounding - response to intervention, - special education geared to regular education teachers (their responsibilities, etc.). Bring-in lunch. Limit lunch to 1/2 hour. Release earlier.