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Test Success in the Brain-Compatible Classroom by Carolyn Chapman and Rita King

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Test Success

Create a positive environment where students anticipate and find success. Set the stage to make test-taking an experience that leads to lifelong learning for your students. Take the guesswork out of the process with Test Success in the Brain-Compatible Classroom. It provides you with practical applications including brain-compatible strategies, classroom activities, and real-life examples. You've seen brain-compatible resources for the classroom. Now take advantage of the latest information on the brain and testing for your school, your students, and for yourself. Use these new ideas and tools to empower your students and enable their learning accomplishments to shine in their performance.

PRICE: $39.00 U.S.

Multiple Intelligences Through Centers and Projects by Carolyn Chapman and Rita King

MI Centers & Projects

This detailed guide is a must have for any teacher planning student focused learning. The first part of the book offers an overview of the multiple intelligences theory and a step by step plan to implement, manage and assess centers and projects teaching. Part two offers over 700 practical ideas of centers and projects for classroom use.

PRICE: $35.95 U.S.

Multiple Assessments for Multiple Intelligences by James Bellanca, Carolyn Chapman and Beth Swartz

Multiple Assessents for MI

Three of the most respected minds in education today have come together to assist teachers in modifying assessment practices by laying out a road map that guides readers through multiple intelligences and assessment practices. James Bellanca, Carolyn Chapman, and Elizabeth Swartz show how to devise specific performance standards for each intelligence and easily apply them directly in the classroom. They also demonstrate why each intelligence is important to a curriculum and offer ways to strengthen each intelligence. This book includes definitions of the intelligences, examples of the best teaching methods for developing each intelligence, useful standards for creating a rubric for each intelligence, an example of an appropriate measurement tool with discussions on various alternatives, and sample lessons that target the intelligence. PRICE: $38.95 U.S.
Multiple Intelligences and The Second Language Learner Video featuring Jo Gusman

MI & the 2nd Lang. Learner

A nationally renowned expert on second language learners, Jo Gusman presents a compelling argument for the use of MI theory in our nation's diverse classrooms. With increasing national, state, and local standards, this video is an essential staff development tool to assist educators in meeting the challenge of the second language learner.

PRICE: $99.95 U.S.

How the Brain Learns (Second Edition) by David Sousa

How the Brain Learns

David Sousa?s best seller on brain research and education enters the 21st century with a valuable new edition, incorporating the previously published main text, the companion learning manual, and the latest discoveries in neuroscience and learning. The new Second Edition also builds on the latest information available to provide: * An updated Information Processing Model that reflects new terminology regarding the memory system * Exciting new research on how the brain learns motor skills * A whole new chapter on the implications of the arts in learning * An expanded list of primary sources for those who wish to review the core research A vital tool for school leaders, staff developers, teacher educators, and administration education faculty ? as well as any educator who wants to help students learn.

PRICE: $39.95 US

How the Gifted Brain Learns by David Sousa

How the Gifted Brain Learns

Now from the author of the best-selling How the Brain Learns and How the Special Needs Brain Learns comes a new book dealing with gifted and talented students. Building on the latest discoveries in neuroscience, learning, and the nature of intelligence, David Sousa examines why traditional talent-identification techniques are inadequate and presents methods that will allow you to identify giftedness and talent potential with greater accuracy than ever before. This book will help answer such questions as: How are the brains of gifted students different? What kinds of strategies are effective for students with particular gifts? What can be done to adequately challenge gifted students? What can we do to identify and help gifted students who are underachievers? How can we identify and help students who are both gifted and learning disabled? Offering real strategies for real classrooms, How the Gifted Brain Learns is an indispensable tool for all educators.

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How the Special Needs Brain Learns by David Sousa

How the Special Needs Brain Learns

From the author of the best-selling How the Brain Learns, How the Special Needs Brain Learns helps you turn research on the brain function of students with various learning challenges into practical classroom activities and strategies. David Sousa shows how the brain processes information and examines both simple and complex learning strategies that can be adopted and taught to your students. This book focuses on the most common challenges to learning for many students, especially for those who are often the first candidates for special education referral, and emphasizes lifelong independent learning, increased retention, and cognitive flexibility for all.

PRICE: $34.95 US

The Leadership Brain by David Sousa

The Leadership Brain

How can you use the growing body of research on how the brain learns to become a more effective leader?

Cognitive neuroscientists are gaining greater insights into how the brain interacts with and learns from the environment. Now David A. Sousa, one of the foremost experts in translating this research into classroom practice, examines the brain-compatible leadership practices that sustain effective teaching and learning.

The Leadership Brain provides a new model for a whole-brain approach to educational leadership.

PRICE: $34.95 US

Brain-Based Learning Video featuring Dr. David Sousa

Brain-Based Learning

A dynamic and fascinating staff development video! Dr. David Sousa has delighted thousands of teachers around the U.S. and abroad with his engaging presentations that translate new brain insights into practical applications for classroom teachers. In this video, Dr. Sousa leads the viewer on a guided tour of the learning process, as conceptualized through his research-based cognitive processing model.

PRICE: $99.95 US

A Biological Brain in a Cultural Classroom By Robert Sylwester

A Biological Brain

Improve classroom management by understanding the "misbehavior" triggers. Nationally renowned presenter and consultant Dr. Robert Sylwester applies the latest in brain research and learning theory to classroom management. Difficult concepts of neurobiology and psychology are made readily accessible. The author offers imaginative data-gathering activities to help students manage their own behavior. Teachers also learn how their behavior impacts the classroom environment.

PRICE: $24.95 US

If A Shoe Fits: How to Develop Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom By Carolyn Chapman

If the Shoe Fits

This cutting-edge resource translates Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences into practical teaching methods for classroom use. It offers information and "how-to" advice for identifying and developing students' strengths and weaknesses. There is a chapter devoted to each of the eight intelligences and it has over 300 ideas for use in any classroom.

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Essential Ingredients

Get to the heart of why students are often reluctant writers, and learn how you can motivate and inspire them to write with meaning and clarity.

Explore the differences between "school" writing and "real" writing and learn to make both forms work for K-12 students. The author, a 30-year teacher of gifted and at-risk students, includes many of her mother's recipes and childhood stories in this volume filled with proven teaching tips, activities, and exercises to get students hooked on writing. Lots of student samples and teacher-tested lesson plans.

PRICE: $23.95 US

Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites: 20 Instructional Strategies that Engage the Marcia Tate

Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

Design fascinating activites and inspire active learning with proven teaching tools.

Attention spans, subject interest, learning style, and even level of understanding vary from student to student. Just as every student is different, teachers have their own personalities and teaching styles. Yet years of research confirm that certain teaching tools awaken the desire to learn in students by engaging their brains. And once their brains are engaged, synthesis, and retention of information will soar!

Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites targets teachers as "growers of brain cells" and encourages them to make practical application of the findings of learning style theorists and neuroscientists. Tactile learners, spatial thinkers, and logical minds alike will become eager students as the strategies in this handbook are implemented. Imagine raising student achievement by meeting the learning needs of each student and increasing subject matter understanding, all while enjoying teaching and learning.

PRICE: $27.95 US