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Behavioral Intervention Planning: Completing a Functional Behavioral Assessment and Developing a Behavioral Intervention Plan Kathleen McConnell Fad, James R. Patton, and Edward A. Polloway

Behavioral Intervention Planning

The Behavioral Intervention Planning'Revised provides school personnel with the most up-to-date tools necessary to complete a functional behavioral assessment (FBA), determine whether a behavior is related to the disability of the student (manifestation determination), and develop a behavioral intervention plan (BIP). The 1997 amendments to the IDEA require school districts to perform these activities on students with disabilities who exhibit certain behavior problems or who bring a weapon or drugs to school. This revision is consistent with the final 1999 IDEA regulations. $34.00 US

Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education: Piecing the Puzzle Together (2nd Edition) Edited by Richard A. Villa, Ed.D., & Jacqueline S. Thousand, Ph.D.

Reflecting the recent, extensive changes in special and general education, this new edition examines a range of timely topics as it explains the evolution of inclusive education over the past five years. You'll learn about curriculum, instruction, and assessment in inclusive classrooms strategies for collaborative teaming and co-teaching ways to empower and motivate students a framework for understanding and facilitating systems change Chapter-length case studies and special "reflection" chapters are included. Throughout, the editors' perceptive writing clarifies the integral roles of students, faculty, and families in creating and maintaining inclusive schools and classrooms. $44.95 US

Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education

How to Reach and Teach All Students in the Inclusive Classroom by Sandra Rief and Julie Heimburge

How to Reach & Teach

Ready-to-use strategies, lessons and activities for teaching students with diverse learning needs. This comprehensive resource, a must for teachers grades 3-8, includes alternatives to suspension, practical techniques to manage behaviors, building organization skills. Over 80 stimulating and motivating lessons across the curriculum, hooking in reluctant readers/writers, and much more. $32.50 U.S.

Linking Medicine & Education for the Child with Special Needs Video featuring Bruce Buehler, MD

Dr. Bruce Buehler of the University of Nebraska Medical Center hosts a dynamic and highly informative presentation linking "what we know" in the field of medicine with "how we teach" children with special healthcare needs in our nation's schools. Topics include neuroscience, prenatal influences and prevention, developmental disabilities, medication and attention disorders, and the team approach. $99.95 U.S.

Linking Medicine & Education