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RTI in Middle and High Schools NEWby William N. Bender - Published by Solution Tree
   Paperback Book ISBN:978-1-934009-51-2 Copyright 2011 Price $29.95

Perhaps more than any other single initiative, response to intervention is likely to restructure how middle and

high school teachers teach in a very profound way. While the impact of RTI alone will be significant, when

coupled with differentiated lesson activities for all Tier 1 instruction, and supported by up-to-date instruction

technologies, that impact is likely to refocus instruction in middle and high school classes rather drastically.

RTI in Middle and High Schools is a timely and targeted resource that discusses the innovations of RTI,

differentiated instruction, and instructional technologies. Explore numerous real-world case studies and find solutions for the complex challenges of implementing the RTI process.


RTI and Differentiated Reading NEWby William N. Bender, Linda Waller
   Paperback Book ISBN 9781935249689 Copyright 2011 Price $29.95

In RTI & Differentiated Reading in the K–8 Classroom, the authors argue that whole-group reading instruction in general education classes is no longer an appropriate learning environment. They outline three innovations that educators can integrate to dramatically improve reading instruction from kindergarten through the upper elementary grades—response to intervention (RTI), differentiated instruction, and technology.

Helpful case studies and detailed descriptions of recommended technology tools show how teachers can use these innovations to update traditional lesson plans for the 21st century. The authors also discuss various brain-compatible instructional techniques based on the latest neuroscience research, such as the use of music, humor, emotion, movement, role play, and repetition, along with content enhancements like graphic organizers and study guides.

RTI & Differentiated Reading in the K–8 Classroom includes specific team activities that schools can undertake immediately to facilitate the shift to

these new approaches, which are rapidly changing the face of reading instruction.


RTI in Mathmatics NEWby William N. Bender & Darlene Crane

Paperback Book 216 Pages ISBN 978-1934009543 Copyright 2010 Price $29.95

RTI in Math: Practical Guidelines for Elementary Teachers addresses a growing demand for implementation of response to intervention (RTI) procedures in mathematics education. RTI is used to ensure a successful learning experience for all students by targeting specific areas where students struggle and eliminating threats to learning and development.

Drawing upon years of experience in mathematics education and RTI, the authors provide a detailed map of the RTI process, beginning with an overview of RTI research, general procedures, and its potential for application in mathematics. They analyze common student difficulties in both early and upper-elementary math, from basic number sense to complex problem-solving skills, and they apply a three-tier RTI model to the general education classroom.

This resource offers guidance through each stage of the RTI process, extensive tools for teacher reflection and growth, and discussion of support strategies beyond the classroom. It also includes a variety of assessment materials, research-based instructional strategies, and numerous case-studies of RTI implementation.

Price $29.95 U.S

Beyond the RTI Pyramidby William N. Bender

Paperback Book 232 Pages ISBN 978-1934009123 Copyright 2009 Price $29.95
Go beyond the definitions and process talk of response to intervention (RTI) and find straightforward strategies for successful implementation. This book addresses the need to deepen RTI efforts based on practical implementation issues and emerging research. Dr. Bender analyzes how RTI is implemented, how it functions, and its implications for general and special education teachers and students. He shows how to extend the RTI process to apply not just to reading, but also to math and behavior. Using his experience in workshops with real schools, he outlines typical implementation issues and provides clear guidance to classroom teachers on documenting the process, contacting parents, complying with the law, and preparing for meetings to determine a student’s eligibility for special services.

Educators new to RTI and those already involved in implementation efforts will find useful solutions to meet the learning needs of every student.


• Provides research and case studies of implementation challenges and solutions from real schools • Explains the supporting role of a school-based task force and provides

• planning tool to guide faculty discussions • Outlines possible resources for time and personnel to support RTI implementation • Shows how to implement RTI across content areas • Explains how to use RTI in middle and high schools • Discusses the changing roles of special education teachers, speech language pathologists, school psychologists, and mentors • Highlights key suggestions using accessible, direct language

Price $29.95 U.S


Response to Intervention: A Practical Guide for Every Teacher by William N. Bender & Carla Shores

 Paperback Book 160 Pages ISBN 978-1412953863 Copyright 2007 Price $29.95

Discover a resource that shows teachers how to implement RTI in the classroom! As a result of NCLB legislation and the reauthorization of IDEA 2004, Response to Intervention (RTI) is now a mandated process for documenting the existence or nonexistence of a learning disability. For educators new to the RTI approach, Response to Intervention presents an overview of key concepts with guidelines for accountability practices that benefit students in inclusive classrooms. Presenting the three tiers of RTI techniques, the authors demonstrate how general and special education teachers can use research-based interventions effectively to individualize instruction, monitor individual student progress, and implement strategies to meet the specific needs of all students.

Price $27.95 U.S

Bender RTI Book


RTI & The Classroom Connection to Literacy by Karen A. Kemp & Mary Ann Eaton

   Paperback Book 271 Pages ISBN 978-1934009543 Copyright 2007 Price $34.50

To assist teachers in implementing Response To Intervention (RTI), this book will link instructional techniques to assessment, ensuring that data truly informs instruction. This comprehensive resource will provide research-based interventions for each of the five components of reading identified by the National Reading Panel, as well as the important issue of motivation.

Thought provoking questions about student learning will guide the teacher to the appropriate intervention, while step by step procedures for implementation of each technique, along with measures to monitor students' progress are what makes this book a "must have" for every classroom. Reproducible forms allow for easy management and data collection.

Price $34.50 U.S

Bender RTI Book


RTI & Math: The Classroom ConnectionEstimates Considered, Logic Required, Data Imperative by Karen A. Kemp & Mary Ann Eaton & Sharon Poole

Soft Cover 305 pages ISBN 978-1934032831 Released: 2008Price: $34.50

This comprehensive resource provides research-based techniques based on the early grade standards and and principles of mathematics as identified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Though provoking questions about student learning guide the teacher to the appropriate intervention. There are step by step procedures for implementation of each technique, along with measures to monitor students' progress. Reproducible forms allow for easy management and data collection, making this a valuable resource for every classroom. This book specifically addresses the fundamentals of math including the number system, computation, problem solving and the all important language and vocabulary of math. The important topic of motivation is also included.

Price $34.50 U.S

Bender RTI Book


Using RTI for School Improvement by Cara Shores & Kim Chester

Paperback   232 pages ISBN: 9781412966412 Copyright 2008 Price: $33.95

"Does a good job of addressing the issues and challenges I have experienced during my career as teacher, staff developer, & administrator. The authors seek to inform and establish understanding." —Susan N. Imamura, Retired Principal Hawaii State Department of Education "Shores and Chester offer clear instructions and sage advice that will fast-forward the widespread adoption of RTI, ultimately providing ALL children with better chances for academic success." —Jim Grant, Educational Consultant, Author Staff Development for Educators

A step-by-step approach for implementing RTI to improve schoolwide achievement! Principals and administrators have only scratched the surface of how Response to Intervention (RTI) can maximize school performance and student achievement. This book gives school and district leaders a comprehensive vision and framework for implementing RTI schoolwide and includes interventions and assessments for teachers.

Cara Shores and Kim Chester help educators identify students at risk, pinpoint highly effective strategies that address students' individual needs, and use assessment to monitor progress and adjust instruction. The book offers an overview of RTI and takes readers through each level of a three-tiered RTI pyramid geared to provide effective teaching practices for all learners and develop interventions for at-risk and nonresponding students. The book presents: • Charts, figures, and diagrams to illustrate points throughout each chapter • Guidelines for developing action plans at the school or district level • Practical suggestions for partnering with parents • Reflective questions to help readers apply the information to their schools Combining a "big picture" approach with research-based strategies, Using RTI for School Improvement illustrates how RTI can transform schools into highly effective, motivating learning environments.

Price $33.95 U.S

A Comprehensive RTI Model Integrating Behavioral and Academic Interventions by Cara Shores

Soft Cover 184 pages Price: $31.95 Released: 2009

Strengthen schoolwide learning and behavior with a proven model for change! Academic achievement and behavior are intertwined, and students often struggle with challenges spanning both areas. This research-based and practical book helps educators apply proven Response to Intervention (RTI) methods in a new way—as a highly effective, comprehensive approach to addressing behavioral issues and related academic achievement. Nationally known expert Cara Shores describes how schools have successfully used RTI to improve behavior in the general education K–12 environment. Readers will learn how to implement RTI both in the individual classroom and schoolwide. This guide includes: • Vignettes showing how educators can address behavioral issues with RTI's three tiers • Guidance on building teams and leveraging resources to effectively reach at-risk students • Advice on the role of behavioral assessment within RTI, including universal screening and progress monitoring for behavior • Interactive exercises, reproducibles, and other tools

Use RTI to address behavioral and academic performance, and build a better foundation for learning for all students!

Price $31.95 U.S