Breaking Up A Fight

Guidelines Provided by Dr. Ronald D. Stevens National School Safety Center

1. Most fights can be stopped by a loud, stern voice. Give specific commands. 2. Evaluate the situation. How many students are involved? How big are they? Is there anyone around who can assist you? Are weapons present? 3. Identify yourself; call students by name. 4. Defer to rules, not personal authority. 5. Stay away from the middle. 6. Avoid physical force, if possible. 7. Before going into a fight, remove your glasses. 8. Separate the aggressor and the victim. 9. Remove participants to a neutral location; dismiss the audience. 10. Send another student for help. 11. Obtain identification. 12. Get medical attention if necessary. 13. Provide protection and support for victims; provide counseling. 14. Report incident; debrief relevant teachers; describe the incident in writing; notify parents. Materials provided in conjunction with Teacher's Safety, a teleconference inservice for educators.

Violence Prevention/Reduction
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