Teacher's Workshop


Managing Kids At-Risk V

Virginia Beach Resort Hotel, Virginia Beach, Virginia June 26-29, 2002

Call For Papers!! Call For Papers!!

The fourth annual Managing Kids At-Risk Summer Institute will be held June 26-29, 2002 at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel where the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This call for papers is an invitation for you to submit a proposal for presentation on one of a variety of possible topics dealing with Managing Kids At-Risk.

The principal audience at this conference will be teachers. Topics appropriate for presentation involve any model program or instructional strategy which assists with management of students at-risk for behavioral problems in school. As examples, the topics presented in previous years include Model Alternative Programs, ADHD In the Classroom, Brain-Based Learning for At-Risk Kids, Cultural Diversity, Peer Mediation, Mentoring Programs, and Transitioning Adjudicated Youth. (Commercial presenters: your session must cover your topic broadly and not merely present the merits of your product or service.)

We are tentatively offering two formats for your presentation: a one-hour presentation with audience participation, or a "Table Top" presentation, which is an informal poster-session type of presentation that is located in a participant flow-thru traffic area. In your session description, please indicate which format you prefer; however, your preference cannot be guaranteed.

Complete this form and mail or fax it in today, along with a 400 word description of your proposed session. All proposals will be peer reviewed, and the most appropriate will be selected for inclusion in the program. Presenters will receive a $50 registration discount!

___________________________________________________________________ Presentation Title

___________________________________________________________________ List all presenters (up to 3 may receive the $50 discount)


Address of Lead Presenter _____________________________________________

Day Telephone ______________________Fax _________________________

Overhead projectors and screens will be provided for each one hour session. Other equipment must be provided by the presenters. Mail or fax this form and your session description by May 1, 2002 to The Presentation Committee, 1250 Overlook Ridge, Bishop, GA 30621 (fax 706-769-4137). Note that all presenters must register for the conference (at the reduced rate of $289). You are encouraged to get your registration in early to obtain lodging at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel!