Violence Free Classrooms

From Chaos to Calm:Maintaining Violence-Free Classrooms

Dr. Lou Gonzales is the director of the Center for Safe School and Communitiesin Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has years of experience in working with streetwisekids and his strategies are important for teachers in inner-city environments.Questions for Thought:1. How does your school try to prevent violence?2. What have you planned to do if violence erupts in your classroom?I. Responding to Violence
  1. Prevention
  2. Response
II. Prevention
  1. Maintain high standards of school safety
    1. Fair and consistently enforced policies
    2. Make safe classroom environments a part of the language of yourbargaining agreement
    3. Form strong school-home linkages
  2. Provide strong staff development
    1. crisis response
    2. cultural diversity issues
    3. Mediation I conflict resolution training
III. Responding when Violence has Occurred
  1. Avoiding physical contact when possible
    1. Send for help
    2. Keep a distance
    3. Remain calm
  2. Key Principles
    1. Try to resolve confrontation through talk
    2. Listen
    3. Do not negotiate, nor "power trip"

Do's and Don'ts in Conflict Situations

by Dr. Lou Gonzales

Keep a distanceConfront
Try to get subject to say he/she won't hurt youAntagonize
Get help (send someone)Negotiate
ListenAsk "why"
Use open ended questions (who, what, where, where)Invade space
Be passive, cooperative Touch
Allow student to ventTell the person to relax or calm down
Allow student to "save face"Sympathize
Respect student's "space" Force the issue
Isolate incident (keep it from spreading) Make quick moves
Power trip

Remember: Time is your ally.

Behavioral Indicators of Violent Behaviors

Mood Non-Verbal and Body Language
1. Apathetic 1 Clenched fist
2. Chronically angry 2. Red-faced
3. Sullen 3. Crossed arms
4. Pessimistic 4. Stares back
5. Given to violent outbursts 5. Space violation (they get closer
6. Emotional flatness to you)6. Posture
7. Abusive language
Violence Prevention/Reduction
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