Ratings by Participants - 1998

This 4-day conference event was held on June 28-July 1, 1998, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with 152 persons in attendance. Below is the tally of session ratings by participants, along with numbers of written positive/negative comments on overall conference quality.

Sessions - 1 indicates "Needs Improvement" and 5 indicates "Excellent."

Dr. Linda Albert Sunday Session (Coop. Disc.) Monday Session (Coop.Disc.) 4.78 4.64
Ms. Sandy Rief Sunday Session (ADHD) Monday Session (ADHD) 3.9 4.6
Ms. Sheila Perry Sunday Session (Grantwriting) Tuesday Session (Grantwriting) Wednesday Session (Grantwriting) 4.8 4.7 5.0
Dr. Debra Prigge Tuesday Session (Brain-based) Wednesday Session (Brain-based) 4.0 4.4
Dr. Richard Nyankori Monday Session (Learning Styles) 4.4
Dr. William Bender Tuesday Session (Disc.) Wednesday Session (Violence) Wednesday Session (ADHD) 4.1 4.5 4.6

Written responses to "My overall evaluation of the Teacher's Workshop Summer Institute" included 28 positive responses, 3 mixed, and one negative.