Galveston Island Institute

Speakers will include: Anita Archer, Ph.D. George M. Batsche, Ed.D. Denise Conrad, Ed.D. Steve Edwards, Ph.D. Judy Elliott, Ph.D. Vicki L. Gibson, Ph.D. Howard M Knoff, Ph.D. Stevan J. Kukic, Ph.D. Chance W. Lewis, Ph.D. Lynda McKelvey, M.Ed. Ron Nelson, Ph.D. Alice Parker, Ed.D. Bruce Rosow, M.A. Vickie D. Whitfield, M.A.
Call Moody Gardens Hotel for lodging options: (888) 388-8484 or (409) 741-8484

Topics will include:

  • Reading Next - Building Literacy Programs for Intermediate and Secondary Students
  • Building the Context of Excellence for All, Some, AND Few!
  • Research - Validated Tier II and Tier III Reading Interventions for Intermediate and Secondary Students
  • Establishing Schoolwide Effective Behavoir Support Systems
  • Differentiated Instruction: Making it Happen in All Classrooms
  • One Correct Answer - Numerous Solutions (Part I: K-8; Part II: Grades 6-12)
  • Questioning Strategies to Promote Intermediate Grade-Level Text Comprehension
  • Effective Coordinated Disciplinary Responses for Problem Behavior
  • Instructional Management: The Teacher-Student Game
  • Take a Minute: Rtl Program Management and Basic Skills Using Daily and Weekly One-Minute Fluency Timings
  • Teasing, Taunting, Bullying, Harassment, and Fighting: Functional Assessment and Schoolwide Intervention
  • Rtl: Using Student-Centered Data to Make Intervention and Eligibility Decisions
  • Helping the Struggling Reader, K-3
  • A Focus on Culturally Relevant Teaching Strategies: Closing the Achievement Gap for African American Students
  • The New IDEA: What Do the New Statutory and Regulatory Provisions Mean to You?
  • Are We Doing the Right Things Right for Our Students and Ourselves?