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The Cooperative Credit Office of Lindenwood University and The Teacher's Workshop

offer a web-based course entitled:

Relational Discipline: Strategies for In-Your-Face Kids!

Course Number: EDW 964


Instructor: William N. Bender, Ph.D.

Graduate Education Credit: 3 Semester Hours

Course Requirements: Completion of 10 Modules and 1 Final Project

Required Textbook and Materials:

1. Bender, W. N. (1996). Understanding ADHD: A Practical Guide for Teachers and Parents. Columbus, OH: Merrill Imprint of Prentice-Hall.

2. Additional Required Readings from a readings packet to include selected readings from: Relational Discipline: Strategies for In-Your-Face Kids, by William N. Bender, Ph.D. To be published in 2001 by Allyn & Bacon. The readings packet also includes several individual articles.

3. Viewing of Required Video Examples

The book, readings packet, and videotape segments must be purchased from the Teacher's Workshop for $65 plus tax and a $4.00 shipping charge, prior to the course initiation. Call 1 800 991 1114 for information on obtaining these materials.

Required Registration: This course will be offered during the 2000 and 2001 academic year. Students should plan their work on the modules such that the work through module 5 is completed by December 30, 2000, and all work is completed by April 30, 2001.

Contents of the Course and Dates for Module Completion

Module Topic
1 Relational Discipline
2 What is Relational Discipline
3 Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder: The Typical In-Your-Face Kid
4 Etiology of Behavioral Disorders
5 The Defiant/Aggressive Student
6 Explosive Kids
7 The Attention Seeking Student
8 Kids With Poor Attention Skills
9 The Disorganized Student
10 Managing A Relational Discipline Class
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