Dr. Richard Curwin

Speaking/Consultation Areas: Discipline with Dignity, Violence Prevention in Schools

Presentation Style: Practical, down-to-earth, interesting to listen to, inspiring.

Dr. Richard Curwin received his A.B. in English and his Doctorate of Education at the University of Massachussetts in Amherst. He is known internationally for providing thousands of educators and parents with practical, proven ideas to effectively manage children's behavior in a manner that respects the dignity of each individual. Dr. Curwin is the author of the acclaimed book Discipline with Dignity and author of Rediscovering Hope: Our Greatest Teaching Strategy. His most recent publication, As Tough as Necessary, addresses the problem of aggression, hostility, and violence in our schools, homes, and commuities. His articles have appeared in Instructor, Educational Leadership, Parenting, and Learning. Dr. Curwin has presented seminars and workshops throughout the United States and Canada as well as in Belgium, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Israel. He has won several awards including the esteemed Chief Crazy Horse Award for courage in reaching discouraged youth.