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Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn't Fit All by Gayle Gregory and Carolyn Chapman

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Differentiated Instructional Strategies

This teacher-friendly guide to differentiating instruction will help you find the strength and uniqueness in every child in your classroom. Differentiated Insructional Strategies presents the practical techniques and processes that teachers can use to adjust learning based on individual students' knowledge, skills, experience, prferences, and needs. Are you looking for the best and newest practices in pedagogy?

This book explores the ones that make a real and positive difference in student achievement. Centers, Projects, Problem-Based Learning, Inquiry Models, and Contracts are all featured, complete with explanations and examples. More than 50 planning models matrixes, rubrics, checklists, and questionnaires are included as well, to help teachers make the right decisions about instruction and assessment on an individual basis. $27.95 U.S.

Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Writing in the Content Areas by Carolyn Chapman and Rita King

This concise guide helps you work with each student’s unique skills and needs so that the student learns to apply information, to demonstrate content mastery, to think and write creatively and critically, and to solve real-world problems. Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Writing in the Content Areas helps you develop students with lifelong self-direction and confidence as writers!

Detailed chapters give you the tools you need to work with student writers of all levels. $21.95 U.S.

Differentiated Instruction for Writing

Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Reading in the Content Areas: One Size Doesn't Fit All by Carolyn Chapman and Rita King

Differentiated Instruction for Reading

Chapman and King have done it again! This straightforward, easy-to-use handbook gives teachers creative yet substantial ideas and methods for infusing phonics, word analysis, vocabulary development, and comprehension strategies into subject-area instruction. As in the original Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Writing in the Content Areas, Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Reading in the Content Areas uses the same eclectic blend of differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, scaffolding, constructivism, and co-op learning methods and activities.

Each chapter includes samples, suggestions, and lists that you can quickly apply to your own classroom. $21.95 U.S.

Differentiated Instructional Strategies in Practice: Training, Implementation, and Supervision by Gayle Gregory

The expert guide to differentiated professional development to support implementation of differentiated instruction in every classroom!

Differentiated instruction (DI) is a powerful way to meet the individual and diverse needs of all learners, including the adult learner engaged in job-embedded professional development, staff training, and faculty meetings. Best-selling author Gayle H. Gregory uses a "one size doesn't fit all" approach to faculty training, observation, and supervision for DI implementation, enabling teachers, trainers, and principals to identify their own unique strengths and concerns as they work to engage students in the classroom. Topics and features of this workshop-friendly resource include step-by-step training activities, research-based tools, suggestions for working with individual staff members, and tools for implementation and evaluation. $27.95 U.S.

Differentiated Instruction in Practice

Differentiating Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities by William N. Bender

Differentiating Instruction for LD Students

These classroom-proven strategies empower the teacher to target instructional modifications to the content, process, and products for students with learning disabilities in the general and special education classroom. These are the most up-to-date best practices available and they specify numerous ways to differentiate instruction. Invaluable for teachers in both inclusive and specialized classes. Numerous ideas to help: emphasize brain-compatible teaching; create practical, flexible lessons; foster attention; institute various peer tutoring systems; implement performance assessment and portfolios; and enhance social skills. A survival guide for today's classrooms! $29.95 U.S.