Discipline for At-Risk Kids

March 6, 1997: Teaching Kids with Behavioral Problems

March 20, 1997: Disciplinary Options for Hard to Reach Kids

Workshop Series Objectives:

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Descriptions of the Telecast Segments

In the "Teacher's Workshop News" segment on each telecast, Dr. Bender illustrates the issues to be covered during the workshop by sharing brief news stories from participating downlinks and other sources. All schools within the U.S. and Canada are invited to send in news items which relate to the overall topic for the date.

Workshop Segments on March 6, 1997

Mr. Richard Ramsey is one of the most sought after speakers in education today on dealing with minority students with behavior problems. As an administrator working with African-American students, and an African-American himself, he is well versed in strategies which can positively impact the motivation for these kids. His presentational style, while filled with specific ideas, is also emotionally touching.

Ms. Marilyn McGuire is widely regarded as both an author and an effective consultant on disciplinary strategies. She created the Gangs and Violence video series, published by American Guidance Services. She will describe the action planning conference as a key component of intervention for students with behavioral problems.

Ms. Laura Franklin is a teacher and a specialist in dealing with high school students with behavior problems. She will describe the Yes I Can Curriculum, a social inclusion curriculum developed at the University of Minnesota to foster social inclusion of students with disabilities and thereby reduce their tendency to misbehave.

Workshop Segments on March 20, 1997

Dr. Linda Albert is a national leader in the field of discipline. As the author and developer of Cooperative Discipline, she is repeatedly asked to present to teachers on effective disciplinary strategies for classrooms from kindergarten through high school. Her strategies stress positive, proactive approaches which teachers find immediately applicable in their classes. She will present several strategies for hard to reach kids, and these will be supplemented by video demonstrations from various classrooms.

Dr. Diane Pitts is a teacher who is widely acclaimed for practical, down to earth, strategies for students at risk. She will share a number of disciplinary tools, including the T-Chart and Involved Learning, as part of an approach that builds pro-active disciplinary strategies into every aspect of teaching.

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