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At the Teacher's Workshop, we continue to look for ways that we can offer meaningful services to teachers and students. The rapid increase in online capabilities at many schools has opened up exciting new ways for teachers and students at various locations to interact with each other. Students can find partners for e-mail exchange within their state, in another state, or in another country, and these possibilities can open up new worlds to your classroom.

However, one difficulty some teachers have had is in finding a suitable class to serve as a partner in this kind of transaction. If you are a school in a coastal town, for example, and you want to correspond via e-mail with a school in a desert area, how do you go about finding that unique class to share experiences with?

We would like to invite you to use the Teacher's Workshop website as a vehicle for starting new online relationships. Send us a description of your class, with its unique location, characteristics, and projects, along with your name and e-mail address, and we will format and upload your information onto our website for others to see for a one year period. We will also subscribe you to the Teacher's Workshop Listserv, an online vehicle for discussion of various topics among educators. (You may unsubscribe from this service at any time. An initial welcome message will provide instructions.) You may then browse the Teacher's Exchange, either by location or by topic, and contact others or wait until they contact you. Or jump into the listserv with your questions or announcements. Through the Teacher's Exchange and the Teacher's Workshop Listserv, you can connect with teachers in other locations to set up instructional interactions using e-mail or other Internet resources. Why not participate?

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