Gang Signs and Symbols

Cpl. Joey M. Woods is an active School Resource Officer. He has been appointed by the Governor of Georgia to the Violence in Schools Study Commission. Questions for Thought: 1. Why do gangs use graffiti? 2. What are the signs of an incipient gang problem? I. The Role of Graffiti

A. Marking territory identifies turf and warns other gangs B. Challenging other gangs means crossing out opposing graffiti C. Sending messages about who will be killed or assaultedII. Dealing With GraffitiA. Report it B. Photograph it C. Note colors, utensils used, time it was painted D. Remove it -- accepting graffiti is accepting the gangIII. Characteristics of GangsA. The way a member dresses can contain a secret meaning B. Tattooing names, slogans, or symbols conveys gang pride C. Hand signs are a form of communication D. Big egos can cause feuds between rival gangs E. Drugs are a main source of income for gangs

Gang Symbols

Symbol of the Folk Nation

Heart = love for the Nation B.O.S. = Brothers of Struggle Dripping blood = blood shed in the struggle Could be a sign of possible gang war. The five-pointed star of the People Nation is being blown up as a sign of disrespect. This could cause conflict. Crown of the Folk Nation. B.G.D. = Black Gangster Disciples "Kings" backwards is a sign of disrespect, could be a signal for killing of innocent bystanders. These are signs of the East Coast Crips. Another Folk Nation identifying symbol. Note the points of the star. Meanings have been added.
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