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Teaching Writing: Not a Hopeless Task (Grades 3 - 8) November 12, 2002 Featuring Marty Masters

In theory, writing standards are great, but how can teachers actually meet them? How can teachers effectively and efficiently teach students to write? Demystify the writing process by using colors to identify the components of a content paragraph. These visual and hands-on strategies help students internalize the organization of good writing. Using these same strategies, paragraphs may be expanded to reports and essays.

Managing Resistance and Building Rapport with Challenging Students (Grades PreK - 12) January 14, 2003 Featuring Dr. John Maag

How do we respond to students who say 'Make me!'? Unfortunately, many of our responses are ineffective and may actually increase resistance. John will share strategies for changing responses to students' resistance, rather than trying to force students to comply.

Building Early Literacy and Language Skills (Grades PreK - 3) February 11, 2003 Featuring Lucy Hart Paulson

Helping young children develop critical skills can make the process of learning to read and write successful and reduce or even eliminate difficulty with formal literacy instruction. In this program, Lucy will share specific strategies and activities that promote language development, phonological awareness, and print development.

Help! How Am I Supposed to Teach Students with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges? (Grades PreK - 12) March 11, 2003 Featuring Dr. Mary Magee Quinn

Frustrated by the challenges presented by your students with emotional or behavioral problems? This presentation will share research-based yet practical techniques for eliminating and replacing disruptive behaviors. Participants will learn how to prevent and manage behavior problems so they can get to the business of teaching academics to all students.

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