The F.T. Corry Mentorship Program

Mr. Willie Miles, Principal of F.T. Corry Elementary School, has spent many years enriching the lives of his students. The Tiger Pals Program will deal with the systematic approach to community mentorship which his school system has recently adopted. Questions for Thought: 1. What are some of the characteristics of a good mentor? 2 How can administrators structure their mentoring programs to provide the most positive results? I. The Roles of Mentors A. Absent-parent substitute B. Male role model C. A friend II. Reasons for Mentoring A. Mentors have something to offer the child B. They see a need waiting to be filled C. They want to serve the community III. Guidelines for a Mentorship Program A. Identify a theme and a meeting place B. Provide training for mentors C. Provide guidelines and goals for mentors to work towards D. Facilitate direct communication between teachers and mentors E. Facilitate off-campus activities for mentors and students F. Provide opportunities for students, teachers, and parents to show appreciation for mentors
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