Multiple Intelligences: New Ways to Teach!


Multiple Intelligences: New Ways to Teach!

April 10, 1997: MI Subject Area Instruction in the Classroom

April 24, 1997: Practical Approaches to MI

Workshop Series Objectives:

Upon completing this series, the participant should be able to:

Descriptions of the Video Segments

In the "Teacher's Workshop News" segment on each telecast,Dr. Bender illustrates the issues to be covered during the workshop by sharingbrief news stories from participating downlinks and other sources. All schoolswithin the U.S. and Canada are invited to send in news which relate to theoverall topic for the workshop on that date.

Workshop Segments on April 10, 1997

Ms. Miriam Georg will describe the background for multipleintelligences, giving practical teaching suggestions for the various intelligences.Video samples of student products will highlight the techniques discussed.

Mr. Bruce Campbell is the author of The MultipleIntelligences Handbook, as well as a classroom teacher. He will describethe multiple intelligences learning center he uses in his own class, withvideo demonstrations of multiple intelligences instruction.

Workshop Segments on April 24, 1997

Dr. Spencer Kagan is the creator and author of CooperativeLearning. His techniques have been used in thousands of classroomsacross the country and around the world. On this workshop, for the firsttime, Dr. Kagan will share techniques for applying cooperative instructionalpractices in a multiple intelligences framework.

Mr. Ron Walker, with a background as both a teacherand administrator, is one of the most highly sought after speakers in educationand psychology. He routinely does keynote presentations on a wide varietyof topics, including multiple intelligences. He will both enlighten andmove your audience.

How to Participate