Guidelines For Creating Multimedia

Ms. Lynn Regan, a former winner of the IBM Technology Teacher of the Year Award, is a classroom teacher in New Jersey. She has developed a multimedia-rich classroom environment for her students with special needs. Questions for Thought: 1. What are some of the ways a multi-media classroom environment addresses different learning styles? 2. How can a multi-media classroom environment enrich the curriculum and "take technology to the next level?" I. LINKWAY Advantages

A. Provides for Active Curriculum B. Provides for All Learning Styles C. Lends itself to Cooperative Learning D. Avoids Stage Fright II. Students Create Multimedia A. Determine appropriate learning style B. Create Multi-sensory environment C. Choose appropriate, motivational activities D. Provide Jobs for All Students III. Skills Strengthened by Multimedia A. Improves communications skills B. Enhances oral communication C. Enhances Curriculum D. Increases self-confidence

Using Students to Create Multimedia Projects

by Lynn Regan

A. Determine the appropriate learning style. B. Create a multisensory classroom environment. C. Choose activities that are appropriate and motivational. D. Provide jobs for students with all different types of learning modalities.

Examples: 1 Director: A leader who is more of an auditory learner, and may not be as successful in more traditional academics. 2. Camera People: Tactile, kinesthetic learners who like things mechanical and precise. 3. On-Screen Reporters: Students who like to "act out." This gives them a more positive forum. 4. Script Writers: Visual learners who like to express themselves in a more quiet fashion. 5. Proofreaders: Visual learners who may like to work alone and at their own speed. 6. Graphics Designers: Visual, tactile learners who express themselves best in art form.

Set Goals

Improve Communication Skills:

Writing Skills:
Word Processing
Script Writing For Newscasts
Electronic Report Writing
Oral Communication Skills:
Enhance Curriculum:
Surveys: Language & Math
Newspapers: Language & Any Subject (I.E. "Voices Of The Pilgrims" Newspaper)
Careers: Computer/Video Programs To Reinforce A Particular Vocation (I.E. How To Take/Give An Interview)
Science: Computer & Hands On Programs
Increase Self Confidence:
Active Participation = Ownership
Ownership = Pride
Pride = Success
Success = Increased Self Esteem
Remember: The Picture You HaveOf Yourself Is ExactlyThe Way You WillPerform.
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