Teleconference Participation

In order to receive these telecasts, you will need access to a satellite dish with a C-Band receiver and an appropriate downlink room. The cost to downlink a particular telecast is $250, which includes the two-hour telecast, the accompanying curriculum materials, and taping rights. In other words, you may make one copy of the telecast and use that copy for additional staff development opportunities.

The cost to downlink any two telecasts is $495. The cost for all four of the spring 1997 telecasts is $900. Multiple sites and districtwide pricing is available. CEUs are available from the University of Georgia for an additional fee.

To order, send a copy of your purchase order for the correct amount to Teacher's Workshop, fax: 706-769-4137 or 1250 Overlook Ridge, Bishop, GA 30621. If you would like more information, please call our 800 number or e-mail us using the link below:

For more information:
Teacher's Workshop 1250 Overlook Ridge Bishop, GA 30621
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