The PeaceBuilders

Dr. Dennis Embry, a classroom consultant, is a member of Heartsprings, Inc. His program, "PeaceBuilders," has proven effective in showing teachers the intervention strategies and teaching youngsters the social interaction skills necessary to reduce violence in the school environment. Questions for Thought: 1. What principles should form the basis of a plan for reducing aggression and violence? 2. What practical tools will best aid in facilitating such a plan? I. Principles of PeaceBuilders

  1. Start early
  2. Enhance parenting competence
  3. Enhance rate of praise and reward
  4. Accept feedback
  5. Engage others
  6. Self-monitor behavior
  7. Expose to positive role modeling
II. Steps to Improving the Environment
  1. Disseminate strategies to reduce disruptions
  2. Disseminate strategies to improve school climate
  3. Strategies should be flexible and adaptable
III. Five PeaceBuilding Rules
  1. Praise people
  2. Give up put-downs
  3. Seek wise people as advisors and friends
  4. Notice the hurts you have caused
  5. Right wrongs
IV. Student Involvement V. Principal Involvement VI. Family Involvement
A few facts about


PeaceBuilders is a program designed to help you create an environment to reduce violence and create a more peaceful way of living in your school, home and community It is not an add-on curriculum, rather it is meant to involve schools, parents, and entire communities, so that peaceful behavior becomes an integral part of a child's life. PeaceBuilders is dynamic; it provides you with took and techniques you can adapt to your own classroom and community, and that change and grow with new findings and changes in the environment. The PeaceBuilders program is based on years of solid research and hands-on experience.
  1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently awarded a three-year grant to measure, scientifically, the long term results on juvenile arrest of programs built around the PeaceBuilders' tools. This is in anticipation of a possible national roll-out of the program.
  2. It is currently working effectively in 29 schools in California, and has been implemented in schools in Texas, Tucson and Sierra Vista, Arizona. The program is also being used in various locations in the country
  3. A program created from PeaceBuilders materials can be enhanced significantly through community involvement (i.e. the media, the offering of prizes for outstanding achievements in building peace, special events, etc.). PeaceBuilders can supply extra items, such as a comic strip for your local newspaper, or prizes. The program can be subsidized by the businesses community, by PTA's, civic organizations, Sheriff's and Police Departments and local governments.
The use of these techniques can reduce the risk of juvenile delinquency by 40% - 50%, regardless of socio-economic conditions of the famillies, school, and neighborhood.


Student Involvement

  • A PeaceBuilding act every day
  • Write mediation essays
  • Have lunch with "wise people"
  • Write praise notes
  • Principal Involvement

    Family Involvement

    Violence Prevention/Reduction
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