Students' Perspective on Violence

Dr. Carmelita Bivens is in charge of Special Education programs for the Birmingham, Alabama City Schools. She frequently conducts workshops on exceptional students. Questions For Thought: 1. Can students give solutions on curbing violent behavior? 2. Can the talents of disruptive students be used to decrease violence in our schools? I. Prevalence of Violence Among Juveniles

A. 15% of youths perpetrate 75% of violent crimes B. 64% of all children know a crime victim C. Juvenile offenders and victim's data II. Students' Perceptions About Violence A. Are our schools safe? B. Background data regarding students III. Solutions to School Violence A. Metal detectors B. More police in schools C. Expel drug dealers and troublemakers D. Separate "good" and "bad" students


Date: __________________ Interview #:_____________________________ 1. What do you like best about school? 2. Have you been in any trouble at school? if so, what kind? 3. How many times have you been suspended? 4. How do you feel about being labeled a person who fights a lot? 5. Do you get in trouble at home when you are suspended from school? if so, what happens? 6. How do you feel when others pick on you? 7. What needs to happen to make them stop picking on you? 8. How do you think others feel when you or your friends pick on them? 9. Do you feel safe at school? 10. Is it easy to bring weapons to school? if so, how can it be done? 11. Is doing well in your classes important to you? Why or why not? 12. What needs to happen to make school a better place? 13. What are your feelings about gangs?


Date:__________________ Interview #:_______________________ 1. Have you been a victim of violence in your home? if so, why? 2. Have you seen others in your home attack other family members? if so, who and why? 3. Have you attacked other family members? if so, why and whom? 4. Have you ever engaged in community fights? if so, how many times? When? (over what period of time - years, months?). 5. Have you ever gotten into trouble in your community? if so, what kind of trouble? Why did you? 6. What will make things better at home or in the community so that you would not have to? 7. What would you like to see done in the community to make things better? 8. Do you have access to a gun? 9. How do you have access to a gun?

Solutions to Violence:

The Student's Perspective

1. Schools should have metal detectors. 2. Schools and neighborhoods should have more policemen. 3. Students should be required to bring only clear plastic backpacks. This should be strictly enforced. 4. Students should be searched before they enter school. 5. There should be more administrators in the school building. 6. There should be schools for students with "bad" attitudes and schools for students with "good" attitudes. 7. Drug dealers should be arrested. 8. Troublemakers in the school should be expelled. 9. Students should be forced to stand outside in the cold for misbehavior.
Violence Prevention/Reduction
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