Robert Brooks, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Brooks

Speaking/Consultation Areas: Creating a positive school climate, motivation, self-esteem, resilience, strategies for success, dealing with stress, ADHD, and learning disabilities

Presentation Style: Moving stories from his own experiences with children with learning problems

Dr. Robert Brooks is one of today's leading speakers on self-esteem, motivation and family relationships, as they impact the education setting. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Brooks has reached out to thousands of educators, parents and mental health professionals with a message based on encouragement, resilience and love. Often referred to as the "Billy Crystal of psychologists," he is renowned for the warmth and humor he uses to bring his insights and anecdotes to life. His stories are largely based upon his own experiences as a clinical psychologist, father, husband and son. These personal stories -- funny, touching, and unforgettable -- give Dr. Brooks' presentations a wonderfully unique dimension that has captivated audiences across the U.S. and around the world and provided many specific strategies to enhance our own lives and the lives of children. One person who had used Dr. Brooks several times indicated, "This gentleman can turn a lackluster conference into a meaningful event just by delivering the keynote; this will be the wisest investment you make in your conference budget!"

The recipient of numerous professional, community and government awards, Dr. Brooks has served as Director of the Department of Psychology at McLean Hospital and on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. He is the author of the recent book Raising Resilient Children, as well as the PBS video Look What You've Done! Stories of Hope and Resilience. His other publications include the book The Self-Esteem Teacher as well as a sex education book for the young child entitled So That's How I was Born! He also co-authored the book A Pediatric Approach to Learning Disorders, and has published numerous articles and book chapters related to self-esteem, education, psychological assessment and psychotherapy. He is frequently cited in publications such as The New York Times and The Boston Globe, and has appeared as a regular contributor on television shows in the Boston area and on national cable television.

Dr. Brooks received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Clark University and did additional training at the University of Colorado Medical School. He has published a number of articles and book chapters related to self-esteem, education, psychological assessment, and psychotherapy. A preview videotape is available showing Dr. Brooks interacting with an audience on the topic of self-esteem enhancement as a violence prevention strategy.