School Reform: What it Means for Teachers

What it Means for Teachers

November 7, 1996: Teachers and School Reform Efforts

Mr. Stephen Barkley - a former teacher, is now the ExecutiveVice President of Performance Learning Systems. Mr. Barkley has taught courseson school reform, the change process, and practical implications of schoolreform.

Ms. Georgeann Grewe - a teacher who has implemented a revitalized instruction, based on authentic learning experiences. This video will involve her students in a Riverside Learning Experience.

November 21, 1996: School Reform Options for Educators

Mr. Franklin Schargel - is the author ofTransforming Education Through Total Quality Management, as well asa nationally known speaker. He will address his experiences as an administratorin a NY High School that implemented Total Quality Management.

Ms. Janet Crescenzi - is a principal of an elementary school that is participating in a model professional development school program. She will describe the view of professional development schools from the inside.

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