What People are Saying

"I was surprised at the high quality." --Ms. Anita Hixson, Woodward Public Schools, Oklahoma

"We've done a lot of distance learning staff development and you are by far the best." --Mr. Mike Lucas, University of Massachusetts at Lowell "I was pleased that the feedback was very positive and the audience seemed to enjoy the experience especially when two of the questions addressed on-screen were from our locale!" --Patricia K. Maley, Executive Director, N. River Collaborative, Rockland, Massachusetts "This was one of the best we've ever done." --Mr. Richard Buro, Temple I.S.D., Texas "We've done several programs on this topic before. This one was the best by far!" --Mr. Chris Smith, University of Wisconsin-Stout "The most effective way to provide the least expensive, high quality staff development that I know of. I will downlink this series next year!" --Mr. Larry Niek, Administrator, Ann Antolini School, New Hartford, Connecticut "We were very excited to learn that Dr. Bender plans to offer telecasts focusing on decreasing violence in our schools. These live state of the art telecasts will allow thousands of us to have immediate access to the views and recommendations of top experts." --Mark Katz, Ph.D., Director, Learning Development Services, San Diego Center for Children, California "The teleconferences at our college last year were excellent. The printed materials kept everyone focused, and the information was valuable and practical. We look forward to the next teleconference." --Dr. Beverly Kling, Assistant Professor, Kean College, Union, New Jersey "This was the first time that GLRS South had been involved with a teleconference in-service for teachers. I was amazed at how easy the conference was to facilitate. This was extremely exciting!" --Ms. Barbara McSwain, Child Services Coordinator, Valdosta, GA "It has been my privilege to have participated in education programming coordinated by Dr. William Bender. Dr. Bender's interactive telesatellite teleconferences provide high quality programming and are excellent for use as a teacher in-service medium." --Ms. Joan R. Miller, Educational Program Consultant, Kansas State Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas "The response to the teleconference was very favorable. Parents, administrators, and teachers were all impressed with the amount of information that was imparted. I received all favorable and complimentary responses." --Ms. Patricia Chase, Educational Specialist for Region VIII, Educational Service Center, Mt. Pleasant, Texas "It was so exciting for me to be able to go somewhere and gain expert information about my child. The consultants were exceptional! Thank you for an outstanding program." --Ms. Anna Massey, Parent, Tifton, GA
Evaluations of Telecasts