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School Violence

Violence Prevention and Reduction in Schools By William N. Bender, Gregory Clinton, and Renet L. Bender

This recent publication contains everything you need to formulate and implement an effective violence prevention program in your school. Especially useful for school administrators, teachers, school safety experts, college professors, and school resource police officers. Model programs are presented, and multiple "tear-out" sheets are provided with permission to photocopy. $29.95 U.S.

Violence Prevention

Teacher's Safety Video featuring Kimmie Tomlinson and others, with an introduction by U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley

Teacher's Safety

Have your teachers received instructions on dealing with a hostage crisis? Ms. Mickie Mathes and Mr. Steven Sorrell share their experiences, as well as specific guidelines for this type of situation. U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley describes federal efforts at decreasing school violence. Ms. Kimmie Tomlinson presents the Kimmie's Kids model for violence prevention. Police Officer Joey Woods shares insights on gang symbols teachers should know. 2 videos, manual, curriculum materials, vinyl storage case. $99.95 U.S.