Dr. Duncan Waite is an assistant professor in school administration at the University of Georgia. He also serves on the local violence prevention committee for the public schools. Questions for Thought: 1. What are the three general principles commonly used to deal with school violence? 2. Which strategies are more intrusive? I. Behavioral Management Approaches

  1. Rely on effective disciplinary procedures
  2. Must promote student self-esteem
II. Collaborative Approaches
  1. Involve techniques of peer and teacher counseling
  2. Used in conjunction with:
    1. Problem solving
    2. Peer counseling
    3. Safe school teams
    4. School resource office
    5. Discipline committee
  3. Community disciplinary committees can provide input
III. School Security Approaches
  1. Rely on technology
  2. Include security cameras, metal detectors, and guards

A Summary of Basic Approaches

There are three types of basic approaches commonly employed to deal with school violence:

I. Behavior Management Approaches

  1. Putting effective disciplinary procedures in place
  2. Promoting self-esteem in students Advantages and Disadvantages:
    1. Teachers are directly involved in implementation
    2. Teachers derive support from back-up
    3. Training benefits classroom management and instruction
    4. These are the least intrusive approaches
    5. They may not get to the heart of the cause of violence
    6. These approaches cannot detect weapons

II. Collaborative Approaches

  1. Using techniques of peer and teacher counseling to resolve conflict
  2. They are used in conjunction with problem solving, peer counseling, safe school teams, school resource offices, and disciplinary committees.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  1. The whole educational community becomes involved, but
  2. There is a substantial investment of time and money

III. School Security Approaches

  1. Rely on technology and devices
  2. Can include security cameras, metal detectors, and guards

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  1. These measures can detect weapons and crimes in progress, but
  2. They are not under the direct control of the teacher
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