Meet Laura Waller

Speaking/Consultation Areas:

  • Differentiated instruction in Elementary Classrooms
  • Reading Instruction for RTI
  • Implementing Targeted Interventions in Reading and Math
  • Thematic Teaching to Build Background Knowledge
  • Making Common Technologies Work in the Classroom

Presentation Style:

Laura Waller is an exciting, young, dynamic teacher. She began her career in education by teaching for several years as an elementary education Reading Specialist in an inner city school in Washington, D.C. With degrees from both Appalachian State University in North Carolina, and Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, she is experienced with ESL students, underprivileged students, Title One students and many other students who struggle in reading, writing, or mathematics in grades kindergarten through five.

With a strong focus on differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, thematic teaching, and technology to encourage motivation and high academic achievement by her students, she is now teaching underprivileged children in a rural school in North Carolina. Recently she has received funding from the Bright Ideas Grant to implement hands on literacy centers that support learning with a focus on technology and preparing students to be globally competitive in the 21st Century. 

Her teaching tactics have been featured in a professional development video soon to be released by Corwin Press, and she is currently co-authoring a book, Differentiation and Response to Intervention in Reading for the Elementary and Middle School Grades.  She serves on the Jones County World View team; a team that strives to create global learners in the classrooms.  Laura offers workshops on the use of smart boards, e-assessments, and other technologies in the classroom to facilitate differentiation and response to intervention.



Workshop Title: Technology for Differentiating Reading Presenter: Laura Waller

Our participants graded this workshop on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being excellent and 1 being poor, for the following questions. The average is shown for each question.  The number of participants was 26.  (on a 4 point scale)

1. Presenter was knowledgeable in the content area                   3.92 2. Presentation                                                                      3.92                 3. Handouts were helpful                                                         3.96 4. Overall Workshop Rating                                                     3.96


  1. I am afraid of technology, and I didn’t feel the least bit threatened or put on the spot!  I am definitely going to try some of these!
  2. Loved your class!  Super info!!!
  3. Not enough time for all of the information.
  4. I enjoyed the realistic and thorough approach of this presenter.
  5. Awesome!  Easy to understand and apply.
  6. Thank you for your expertise in teaching reading!
  7. Very engaging and meaningful presentation.  It’s practicable and I look forward to using what I’ve learned in this class.
  8. Loved it!
  9. Should have had more time.
  10. Super Class!!! Thanks for all the info!
  11. Needs to be longer then the 2.5 hours!!
  12. Lots of content for 2.5 hours – needs to be longer, possibly whole day.
  13. Loved it!
  14. Thanks for the new resources.
  15. WOW very helpful.
  16. Great!
  17. Enjoyed this very much.
  18. This should be offered to all new teachers.  It was great!!
  19. Lots of great and useful info!  Can’t wait to use in my media center.