Meet Marilyn J. McGuire
Speaking/Consultation Areas: Violence prevention and intervention, classroom/schoolwide discipline, conflict resolution/mediation, teacher/staff evaluation processes and strategies, teambuilding, and special needs/at-risk students

Presentation Style: Personal/real-life anecdotes as illustrations of key points; practical and specific strategies that are readily transferable to participant needs.

More About Cooperative Discipline

Marilyn McGuire is an experienced educator, an outstanding presenter, and a national and international consultant. Her workshops, presentations, keynote speeches, and custom designed programs consistently receive outstanding evaluations. Marilyn's broad educational experience spans all levels: classroom teacher, special educator, administrator, staff development specialist, and author. This experience coupled with her humorous, practical and engaging style makes her a frequently requested speaker for any educational setting.

Marilyn is an accomplished presenter on a variety of topics, which include: discipline, violence prevention and intervention, leadership, conflict resolution/mediation, evaluations of staff, educational standards and assessment, curriculum alignment, team building and development of healthy learning communities. She has published numerous articles as well as authored GANGS AND VIOLENCE: School-wide Strategies for Prevention and Intervention, a six-part video series published by American Guidance Service that presents specific skills for teachers and students to create a positive, safe and caring school environment.

Initially trained as a secondary English teacher, Marilyn quickly put her philosophy of life-long learning into practice. In her very first teaching assignment she frequently worked with special needs students that demonstrated a variety of reading and learning difficulties. Her desire to learn more about effectively meeting students' needs resulted in her earning a Master of Science in special education from Portland State University and a Reading Specialist degree from Western Washington University. She then went on to earn K-12 administrator credentials while working as a staff development specialist. Marilyn has received numerous honors and awards. She was principal of a nationally recognized elementary school and received a district-wide award, nominated by her staff, as "a shining example to all of us."

As an independent consultant, Marilyn has worked with teachers, administrators, parents, and community members in the United States and in Europe. Her goal as a consultant is to make a contribution to the creation and maintenance of a positive, safe, caring and encouraging environment in our schools. Your audiences will appreciate and enjoy her user-friendly, immediately applicable strategies, presented from the perspective of someone who has walked her talk.