Meet Richard Ramsey
Speaking/Consultation Areas: Motivational, working with difficult students, and success strategies

Presentation Style: Dynamic and Inspiring! With illustrative examples from his teaching career for reaching minority students

Dr. Ramsey has served 28 years as a teacher, coach, athletic director, vice-principal, and principal. Having worked in education from kindergarten through 12th grade, his experiences and background enable him to relate to children, youth, and their families and offer guidance to assist them in living in our challenging society.

An advocate for children, Ramsey's desire to "make a difference" is paramount in his work with youth. His success working with young African-American males has earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues, students, parents, and community leaders.

As the founder of Lakeshore Middle School's "Lifelong Solutions for Male Students," a club whose motto is Excellence Begins with Me, principal Ramsey was credited with reducing the out-of-school suspension rate by 80% in two and one-half years and eliminating seven previously active "gangs."

This nationally known, respected author and gifted speaker has traveled extensively throughout the United States. His highly acclaimed messages combine real life experience with humor to create high quality, high energy programs. His eloquent delivery and content captivate, empower, motivate, inspire, and educate the listener.

Richard G. Ramsey conveys a powerful and dynamic message that remains a unique and memorable life experience. His speeches create an aura that uplifts all listeners emotionally and spiritually. Listeners achieve renewed determination, faith, hope, and love for all mankind. He also works with individual schools and districts on a long-term basis.

Like a tree, his roots are deeply planted in the soil of humanity. He touches lives via his speeches and lights a torch for those who are looking for a way to shine.

Popular presentations by Richard Ramsey include:

  • Creating a Climate of Hope
  • Key Essentials for Motivating the African American Male Student
  • The Power to Win Comes From Within
  • Closing the Student Achievement Gap
  • Motivating the At-Risk Student
  • There is No "I" in Team
  • Together We Can Save Our Children
  • Keys to Keeping Schools Safe
  • Love Them or Lose Them
  • Discipline for Success
  • Making a Difference is a Team Effort
  • Parental Involvement: How Important Is It?
  • You've Got the Power