William N. Bender, Ph.D.

William Bender with Secretary of Education Richard Riley

Speaking/Consultation Areas: Relational Discipline, Differentiated Instruction, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Instructional Strategies for Reading, Reducing School Violence, Distance Education Strategic Planning, Inclusion

Presentation Style: Down-to-earth humor, personal anecdotes, and specific practical, classroom-oriented strategies

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Dr. Bender is a national leader in instructional tactics and distance education. He has an innate ability to use a combination of practical strategies and easy humor. Audience members perch on the edge of their seats, eager to hear the knowledge Dr. Bender has mastered and will be presenting to them that day. Dr. Bender believes his job is to inform audiences across the nation of innovative, up to date information, based on current research, that has been applied and is a continued success in classrooms. He is able to convey this information in an entertaining and motivating fashion throughout the duration of his presentation. Thus, Dr. Bender creates a following of educators with an endless demand for constant information which he has been providing fathfully throughout his career.

In the past, Dr. Bender has had the pleasure of being an educator at a Junior High School in a Resource classroom. He was able to work with adolescents with behavioral disorders and learning disabilities. In 1983 he received his Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of North Carolina. Currently, Dr. Bender works as a professor at the University of Georgia. He is also a presenter at individual workshops in many schools and conferences across the nation. Dr. Bender has also written over 60 published articles and over a dozen books with topics such as: Differentiated Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities; Relational Discipline; Reading Tactics for Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities; and his newest book Differentiated Instruction in Math.