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Miriam Georg comes from a diverse background within the education field, including such positions as classroom teacher, university professor, and educational director. Presently, she lives in Arlington, Texas and for the past nine years has served as the South Central Regional Director for Performance Learning Systems. A few of her current responsibilities include educational consultant, keynote speaker, and regional program manager.

Questions for Thought:

  1. When you prepare your classroom lessons how do you decide which intelligences to teach to?
  2. What types of approaches can you take when teaching your most difficult subject to enable your students to learn better?

Content Outline:

I. Introduction to the Intelligences

II. The Naturalist & Subcapacities

A. Holistic Thinker
B. Categorizes Organisms
C. Classifies Species
D. Aware of Species
E. Values the Unusual
F. Recognizes Specimens
G. Connects Capabilities
H. Relationships
1. Formal
2. Informal

III. Questions for Designing Lessons

A. The purposefullness of making decisions about which intelligences to teach to
B. Bodily-Kinesthetic
C. Intrapersonal
D. Musical-Rhythmic

IV. Lesson Presentation and Discussion of Long Division

A. Teaching to verbal-linguistic intelligence
B. Teaching to bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
C. Teaching to musical-rhythmic intelligence
D. Teaching the lesson integrating the above methods
E. Results - feedback from the students

V. Lesson Design-Fundamental Guidelines

A. Every person possesses all eight intelligences.
B. Most people can develop each intelligence to an adequate level of competency.
C. Intelligences usually work together in complex ways.
D. There are many ways to be intelligence within each intelligence.