Karen Kemp

Speaking/Consultation Areas: Instructional Support Teams/Response to Intervention, Positive Behavior Supports/Social Responsibility, Reading Strategies, Effective Inclusion and Co-Teaching, Progress Monitoring Techniques

Presentation Style: Specific strategies, hands-on workshop activities, personal anecdotes, use of humor.

Karen Kemp is a 23-year public school teaching veteran with a striking level of depth in her circulation and experience as a staff developer. She has presented workshops on a wide variety of topics in numerous locations around the United States, and has held a number of leadership and administrative positions including Director of Special Education, Pupil Services Coordinator, Adjunct Faculty, Program Specialist, and, of course, classroom teacher. She has authored and co-authored over 30 publications on various educational topics including the book Cool Kids: A Proactive Approach to Social Responsibility and TGIF: But What Will I Do On Monday? Both books are published by Sopris West, Inc.

Karen is currently the Director of Special Programs in Cahoes City Schools in New York.