Sheila Perry

Speaking/Consultation Areas: Grant Writing for Educators, Technology in the Classroom, Teaching with the Internet, and Parental Involvement

Presentation Style: Technology with a human flair; humorous, real life stories

Sheila Perry has taken science and technology to a new and exciting level in rural public schools. With a B.A. in Science and her M.Ed. in Elementary Administration, Sheila has striven and succeeded in putting her school on the forefront of innovation, as well as on the information super-highway.

Sheila has a flair for acquiring funds necessary for the high cost of implementing technology in the classroom. She has helped other teachers in writing grant proposals for state and foundation funding for a variety of classroom projects.

Through her interest in science, she has become a member of the CHALLENGER CENTER NATIONAL FACULTY. She has involved her school in numerous projects with NASA, including participation in a SAREX Mission, in which her students asked questions to the astronauts orbiting the earth.

She has been honored with Teacher, Educator and Woman of the Year. She was selected to serve on the Governor's state technology committee in Missouri. She received Missouri's Best Award for "...her dedication to excellence in education." Most recently, Sheila was one of 145 elementary educators in 45 states to be selected for the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award for the year 2000.