Pam Webster

Speaking/Consultation Areas: Brain Gym, Brain-Body Connections, Inclusion, Differentiation and the Brain Compatiable Classroom, Brain Compatiable Learning, Inclusion and Co-Teaching, Differentiated Instruction for the Elementary Classroom,Identifying Learning Styles for Differentiated Instruction, and Interrelated Special Education

Presentation Style: Hands-on workshop activities, active physical participation from audience, personal anecdotes, use of humor. Animated and fun!

Pam Webster is a practicing classroom teacher in Macon, Georgia. Along with her extensive repertoire of instructional and organizational skills, she is also a certified Brain Gym instructor. She holds a master's degree in Interrelated Special Education from Georgia College.

Brain Gym is a program of physical activities that seeks to prepare the user's brain and entire nervous system for learning. The program promotes improved performance in all areas: intellectual, creative, athletic, and interpersonal. It is designed to draw out the learner's gifts and talents, to reduce stress and anxiety, and to bring about whole-brain learning.

Pam has also had extensive training and classroom experience in Inclusion, Co-Teaching and Differentiation. She has been the lead teacher & coordinator of the special education team at her school and was the first to implement Co-Teaching, Inclusion & Differentiation in her building.

Pam's ability to build strong partnerships between parents, regular education teachers and special education teachers has had a positive impact in helping special needs students to achieve academic, social and emotional success.