Please let us hear from you about your approach to brain-friendly instruction! Results compiled from this brief survey will be reported during the Teacher's Workshop Learning and the Brain series, a satellite telecourse series airing March 4 & 25 and April 15, 1999.

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1. Up until now, what is your level of engagement with this topic of new research on how the brain learns? Please check all that apply.

a. I have read books/articles on this topic. b. I have heard conference presentations or attended other workshops on this topic. c. I am pretty new to this topic area. d. My teaching is already improving as a result of my exposure to this topic.

2. In your opinion, would it be helpful for your teaching to regard emotionality as a type of intelligence?

Yes No

3. How has Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences most influenced your teaching? Please choose one best answer.

a. It has not directly influenced my teaching. b. I am using MI-based learning centers. c. MI theory has prompted me to add more musical and kinesthetic learning activities. d. I am using more ways for students to demonstrate what they have learned. e. MI theory has most influenced my teaching in ways not mentioned here.