School Resource Officers

What Are Their Real Roles In Schools?

Cpl. Joey M. Woods is a School Resource Officer in the Tift County, Georgia Schools. Questions for Thought: 1. What are some common misconceptions about the School Resource Officer? 2. What are some of their contributions to the school? I. The Role of the S.R.O.

A. Teacher as well as policeman B. Should be defined by officials C. To help kids stay out of troubleII. Student ProgramsA. Teaching about sexual harassment B. Counseling C. Peer Helping Networks D. G.R.E.A.T.: Gang Resistance Education And Training E. D.A.R.E.: Drug Awareness Resistance EducationIII. Community ProgramsA. Parent education B. Staff development IV. Programs for JuvenilesA. Long-term violence prevention B. Preventing fights V. Contributions to the SchoolA. Participate in all school activities B. Spend time at lunch and recess C. Work to gain students' trust
Violence Prevention/Reduction
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